Stuart Miller

LCM appoint new Fuels Management & Fuel Quality Manager

We would like to take the opportunity of announcing the arrival of Stuart Miller- Hall, our new Fuels Management & Fuel Quality Manager. His responsibilities include managing our range of Fuel Quality management products: fuel polishing, fuel sampling, on-site and laboratory analysis, reactive and proactive fuel maintenance programmes.

Stuart has served in the British Army for 24 years. He was a specialist Petroleum Operator generally working in a team of 15 ensuring the Army had fuel of the right quality wherever they were serving. He conducted operational tours in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as more pleasant tours of duty in Cyprus and of course Germany and the UK.

As a Petroleum Manager, he was responsible for building and operating temporary fuel installations, taking over existing fuel installations and making then fit to serve quality fuel and also managing packed fuel (jerricans).

Stuart has also been responsible for the training and mentoring of up and coming Petroleum Operators equipping then with the skills to provide quality fuel anywhere!

We welcome Stuart to LCM and look forward to tapping into his wealth of knowledge and experience which will be a great benefit to us and of course our customers.

Stuart can be contacted on; Mobile: 07714  739735