Tanknology support US Environmental Protection Agency

Tanknology support US Environmental Protection Agency

We licence products for exclusive use in the UK from Tanknology Inc an Austin, Texas based company with an international network of licensees; we are the UK licensee.

They are very active in their own market and have been supporting the EPA in a study of corrosion in diesel fuel tanks.

The study was the first done for many years and was prompted by a recent increase in the failure of diesel tanks causing harm to the environment.

The outcome of the study was that 83% of diesel tanks inspected had moderate to severe corrosion. The study shocked tank owners and the EPA.

It is clear that the rate of corrosion is increasing due to the corrosive effects of FAME in fuel, the lack of proactive tank maintenance programmes removing sludge in tanks and the increasing incidence of water in fuel tanks that is the catalyst for FAME breakdown and increase in bacterial growth which cause the corrosion.

The EPA used TankCam for their internal inspections which is a more rugged version of Petroscope, both of which are used by LCM to support our UK clients.

A video summarising the EPA report is accessible through this link.



If you wish to have a copy of the report please contact:

Mark Sluman, Project Manager for Fuel Facility Management and Tanknology products on 07966 555274 or mark.sluman@lcmenvironmental.com