LCM Environmental

An introduction to LCM Environmental

LCM provides safe, efficient and high quality fuel management services to companies who are required to move, manage or dispense fuel safely and lawfully. We are a leading UK supplier of fuel management services to any commercial organisations who use fuel in significant quantities and in particular for those where fuel is a critical asset. We are an innovative company, providing premium services with high service levels and  have an outstanding safety record.

Our services to the fuel industry

fuel asset decomissioning

Fuel asset decommissioning

Decommissioning a fuel asset needs specialist support to ensure it’s carried out safely and in accordance with relevant legislation.

fuel facility management

fuel facility management

Countless organisations depend on fuel to keep their operations running. But fuel management can present a challenge for many companies particularly where…

railway services

railway services

LCM’s fuel maintenance and management services to the railway industry are delivered in collaboration with Motorail Logistics (MRL).

industrial services

industrial services

LCM Industrial Services division has been recognised and acclaimed by some of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies. But you don’t have to be a global operator to benefit from LCM’s expertise.

fuel quality management

fuel quality management

Fuel quality management has never been more important. Because ethanol and FAME (fatty acid methyl esters) absorb water, fuel must be carefully stored and managed to keep it in premium condition.

environmental services

environmental services

As long-established fuel industry suppliers, working in both the UK and overseas, LCM’s services demonstrate the company’s commitment to protecting the environment.

Training keeps us safe

LCM Environmental Ltd staff work continuously in harm’s way handling fuel, other hazardous substances, working in confined spaces, working at heights and working on spill response in unstructured environments and close to water sometimes at night. The reason that LCM has maintained an exemplary safety record is the continual investment in the training of staff and in a strong safety culture. Much of this training is delivered in house.

LCM Training