Emergency Spill Response Doncaster


LCM Environmental received a telephone call from a client requesting assistance with a spill of diesel in a yard. Rainfall had caused an oily sheen to cover the yard. Site staff had utilised their spill kits provided by LCM Environmental but requested additional assistance.


LCM Environmental immediately dispatched a response spill unit comprising a vacuum tanker and response van to the site to recover lost product and remediate spill-impacted areas as required.




The team evaluated the situation and identified the potential cause of the spill. Sand had already been placed down by site staff. An IBC was found to be leaking, creating a trail of iridescent sheen across the yard. This was raised onto another pallet to prevent any further loss of product.


Clay drain mats were used to prevent product escaping into the drainage system. The tanker utilised the pressure washer to cleanse the hardstanding, removing any trace product from the surface whilst also removing all contaminated rainwater and washings using the vacuum hose. This process was repeated across the yard until the sand and oily water was removed.


The drains were also emptied and cushions were placed at their base. The yard was then scrubbed using brushes together with an application of a bio-based dispersant to desorb the remaining product. All remaining surface water was removed with the tanker.




The clean-up operation undertaken by LCM Environmental was successful in removing hydrocarbon residue from the car park surface. The job was completed to a high standard and to the client’s satisfaction. All waste was disposed of at an appropriately licensed facility with full duty of care traceability, and a report was issued to the client within 24 hours of job completion.


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Rainbow sheen indicates the loss of product and should be stopped from going down the drain where it will just contaminate storm water further.

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Using oil-only absorbents which allow water to pass through them but will collect any hydrocarbons in the water. The absorbents are making a small dam so that the tanker hose can suck the liquid up so that it can be safely disposed of.

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We have a range of ADR vacuum tankers that are ideal for attending spill response work. They have jet wash units, large capacity and powerful vacuum pumps so that they can deal with most liquid spillages in an efficient manner.