NanoVapor suppression

LCM and NanoVapor working together to make hazardous environments safer.

Since 1987 LCM Environmental Ltd has used innovation to improve safety and provide unbeatable service to our clients. Innovations such as our fully equipped tank-cleaning lorry, the UKs first fuel polishing uplift tanker and our remote tank cleaning, inspection, testing and maintenance systems. These innovations are now to be followed by the introduction of NanoVapor™.

NanoVapor™ uses Nano-technology in an atomized form to blow a non-harmful chemical mixture across all surfaces of a storage tank and the liquid within it to suppress explosive vapours. This innovative technology ‘locks in’ the vapours that would normally be released by the fuel that without NanoVapor™ would be removed by forced air venting which can be unpredictable and time consuming.

Over the last few months LCM have worked closely with NanoVapor™ to develop this technology for use in the downstream fuel markets with particular focus on forecourts, rail, marine and terminal operations.

Trials with NanoVapor™ have shown that with the correct application it can reduce the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) in a tank quickly, safely and throughout the whole internal tank environment significantly reducing the time that would normally be taken to vent the tank for safe manned entry.

NanoVapor™ is non-toxic, environmentally safe, does not affect the fuel it is in contact with and is easily applied by trained staff who use specialist built NanoVapor™ dispensers and the Nano-chemical. It presents no hazard to the staff using it and is safe to apply whilst engineers and tank cleaners are working inside storage tanks.

LCM has reached an agreement with NanoVapor™ to be its sole UK distributor and with exclusive access to various industrial markets within the UK can assist NanoVapor™ develop further opportunities in markets throughout Europe.

Mark Orr, Joint Managing Director of LCM Environmental commented;

‘We are delighted to have reached an agreement to spearhead the roll out of this innovative technology in the UK and possibly beyond. Any innovation that makes work in hazardous areas safer gets our vote and we are delighted to have been asked by NanoVapor™ to lead the way in taking this into new markets and present it to our existing and new clients across all markets where fuel is used.’

Jim Richardson, Vice President Operations of NanoVapor™;

‘We are excited to be able to work with LCM Environmental Ltd, a company who share our desire to deploy this innovative technology that makes work safer throughout the UK. We can see in LCM a partner who respects innovation and is keen to embrace our Nano technology that makes work safer whilst protecting the environment. We are keen to deploy our tailored products into the forecourt, rail, marine and other new markets in which LCM has an established presence.’


LCM Environmental and NanoVapor signing the agreement left to right; NanoVapor’s Vice President of Global Operations, Jim Johnson; LCM Environmentals Joint Managing Director, Mark Orr and NanoVapor’s Director of Engineering, Dr. Chad Unrau.

LCM engineers have recently completed specialist NanoVapor™ training and LCM now have 6 NanoVapor™ certified trainers able to cascade their knowledge to others within LCM.

LCM will be running a series of showcase events over the coming months and presenting this new technology at various events such as the APEA Live at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on November 5th.

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LCM Environmental and NanoVapor engineers at LCM’s rail depot in Long Marston carrying out trials into NanoVapors suppression within our rail wagon tank cleaning operations.